Luxury space at Kobe NO.1 NIGHT CLUB. "LARUS" dances elegantly in the harbor town / Kobe setting. A long-awaited new generation "club" is born in Kobe. Space that can only be tasted with LARUS, which was not in Kobe until now. Fusion of sophisticated sound and light to the sparkling interior decorating unusual daily life. An unusual space that is just a short distance from the station. A high-quality entertainment that can only be tasted here in Kobe. Adult play suitable for a fashionable port city, "LARUS KOBE" is born.

Admission Fee


Weekday 21:00 ~ 22:00

700 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee

Weekday 22:00 ~ LAST

1000 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee

Weekend 21:00 ~ 22:00

700 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee

Weekend 22:00 ~ LAST

1,000 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee


Weekday 21:00 ~ 22:00

700 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee

Weekday 22:00 ~ LAST

2000 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee

Weekend 21:00 ~ 22:00

1,000 JPY *Include 2 drinks fee

Weekend 22:00 ~ LAST

2,500 JPY *Include 1 drinks fee


Floor VIP

VIP seat adjacent to the dance floor. Please witness the excitement of the floor, please enjoy the fine sake. You can enjoy the sense of unity between sound and audience by DJ luxuriously.


20,000 JPY (2 hour)

40,000 JPY (4 hour)


25,000 JPY (2 hour)

50,000 JPY (4 hour)

Around LARUS


Town Kobe harbor land which pleasure of shopping gourmet amusement wedding cinema entertainment & hotel Kobe shines, and glitters.

南京町 "Nankin-machi"(Chinatown)

The Nankin-machi has an atmosphere all its own,and you can enjoy it.

灘の酒造 "Nada no syuzou"(Brewery)

Nada's brewery.A type of sake produced in Nada, a district of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

北野 異人館 "Kitano ijinkan"

Western style residences built mostly for early foreign settlers during the end of the Shogunate and the Meiji era.

摩耶山 "Mt. Maya"

Mt. Maya Aerial Walk.


From Kansai International Airport to Sannomiya


Kansai Airport Sta. (Nankai Limited Express Rapito β 52) → Nankai Namba / Namba Sta. (Osaka Municipal Yotsubashi Line) → Nishi Umeda / Osaka (JR Kobe Line) → Sannomiya Sta.


Kansai Airport Terminal 1 (Kansai Airport Line) → Sannomiya Sta.


Kansai Airport Terminal 1 Building 1st Floor 12 Bus Station → Kansai Airport Pier → Kobe Airport Maritime Access Terminal Pier → Kobe Airport Sta. (Port Liner) → Sannomiya Sta. (Port Liner)

From Osaka Sta. to Sannomiya


Osaka Sta. (JR Tokaido Sanyo Main Line) → Sannomiya Sta.

From Kyoto Sta. to Sannomiya


Kyoto Sta. (JR Kyoto Line New Shinkansen·Himeji Line) → Sannomiya Sta.


*In our shop, ID check at the time of entry is carried out.

Entrance to those under the age of 20 is not allowed. We are requesting presentation of identification card to everyone when entering. We will refuse entry if we can not verify your identity. Also, we may ask you to present multiple sheets.

*Please adhere to the dress code

Our shop has introduced a dress code.We refuse admission of customers who are lightly dressed in jerseys, sweats, tank tops, work clothes, sandals and crocs.Also we refuse admission when we judge our shop is inappropriate.

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